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Why choose us?

We’ve always been an organisation with purpose; to use the power of communications to make a better world. You can trace this back to our beginning as pioneers of the world’s first telecommunications company. At our heart we’re a technology company with research and innovation in our bones and a desire to be personal, simple, and brilliant for our customers – those are the values we live by whilst also creating an inclusive working environment where people from all backgrounds can succeed.

Our pursuit of progress over the past 180 years has established BT as a strong, successful brand, with huge scale capable of achieving great things. From supporting emergency services, hospitals, banks and keeping economies around the world online, safe and secure, to delivering large scale technology infrastructure like the creation of BT Sport.

Today in this fast changing, always on, digital world our purpose remains true. Yet the market conditions, regulation and competition we face are tougher than ever before. So if you have the drive, optimism and resilience to help propel us forward we’ll offer unrivalled personal development, a wealth of opportunities to learn, experience new things and pursue new careers. If that’s you and what you’re looking for, we’d love you to be part of our future.

Why Business Unit/Function

We are in an incredibly competitive industry and it’s not just the technology that’s important, but the world of promise it creates for our customers. We live and work in a connected world where people want seamless service, great products and the best connectivity there is, as well as continually expecting more and more from us, and rightly so. Technology is BT’s powerhouse, with our expert technologists, we have a unique position in BT. By bringing together our technical and commercial expertise, and our insight and passion for customer experience, we help BT stand out from the competition. With the best networks and smart innovative products, combined with a personal experience, it sets us apart from the pack.

Innovation drives everything we’ve done since BT started in 1846. Coming up with new ideas and developing new technologies is central to our future. We want to improve people’s lives for the better in welcome, relevant and affordable ways and we’ll be fast to market with an effortless experience to match. We will continue to focus on developing our converged network capabilities which will give customers seamless connectivity. Our skilled people will lead this technological revolution, not only for our customers but for the industry across the Globe, truly making customers our heartbeat.

In Technology, we’re creating an inclusive working environment where people from all backgrounds can succeed. We value different perspectives, skills and experiences. We’re happy to consider ways of working that will mean you can perform at your best.

Why this job matters

You will be a BT-wide technical authority for power systems (ac and dc) and associated electrical infrastructure in BT. This covers all of BT’s technical facilities (c. 6000 exchanges, c.30 data-centres) across the UK, with c. 50K mechanical and electrical assets under management.

These facilities and associated infrastructure drives all BT network-based services, as well as internal and external IT solutions, and underpins BT’s strategy in terms of accelerated fibre rollout, ESN/5G deployment and much more.

You will excel as a technical specialist, involved in major projects covering power systems (ac and dc) across the BT estate. You will play a key role in the expansion of BT’s 21C Core network over the next 3-5 years.

What I’ll be doing – your accountabilities

  • You will be part of an infrastructure team comprising: electrical, mechanical and accommodation specialists.
  • Provide specialist electrical knowledge in the preparation, management and maintenance of power systems (ac and dc) related policies, engineering standards and guides.
  • Perform the role of technical design lead on specific projects for power systems (ac and dc).
  • Prepare Statements of Requirements (SoR) for project specific power systems (ac and dc).
  • Provide technical governance and evaluation of project specific tender returns for power systems (ac and dc).
  • Represent BT, as the nominated technical specialist, during Factory and Site Acceptance Testing (FAT/SAT) for power systems (ac and dc).
  • Perform supplier management during specific power system (ac and dc) projects.
  • Keep up to date with emerging technologies and trends within the telecommunications industry. Compare current policies, standards and guides with other industries (e.g. water sector, energy sector, etc.).
  • Perform power system (ac and dc) supplier technical audits of their standards, facilities, training and product quality for compliance with BT policies, standards and guides.
  • Perform the role of technical coordinator and interface between stakeholders (BT), suppliers and interested parties on power system (ac and dc) projects.

Skills required for the job

  • To achieve success in this role you will need the following effective skills:
  • Electrical engineering – solid understanding of the fundamentals of power systems (ac and dc)
  • Critical thinking – ability to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of a project or problem and offering alternative solutions, approaches and conclusions
  • Problem-solving – ability to troubleshoot issues or approach a new project or challenge in a structured way
  • Communications – ability to; understand the needs and requirements of our internal clients, working within project teams to develop new solutions or improve existing systems, or work with other departments and stakeholders
  • Organisational – ability to organise and manage your time in a time-sensitive or project-based environment
  • Creative thinking – ability to explore and implement new ideas and ways of thinking; thinking outside the box
  • Numerical and report/specification writing – strong numerical analyse and computational skills, together with concise and accurate report writing capability
  • Risk assessment and management – ability to technically assess project and task related risks and implement management processes and technical solutions to mitigate and/or eliminate risks
  • Commercial and contractual awareness – awareness of the commercial and contractual world in which we operate to ensure that suppliers are managed effectively
  • Strong work ethic – determined and willing to work until you find a solution to whatever technical problems you encounter.

Experience you would be expected to have:

  • Specialist in power systems (ac and dc) engineering
  • Working knowledge of related British Standards, legislation and Codes of Practise
  • Working knowledge of the Construction Design and Management regulations and associated responsibilities
  • Design of electrical power systems (ac and dc)
  • Installation of electrical power systems (ac and dc)
  • FAT / SAT of electrical power systems (ac and dc)
  • Supplier supervision and coordination
  • Educated to a minimum of HNC level , or the equivalent demonstrable work experience
  • Minimum of five years, post qualification, relevant work experience
  • Experience in the design, specification, installation and inspection/testing of:
  • Transformers
  • Low Voltage (LV) power generating plant and associated infrastructure
  • LV UPS (ac) systems
  • DC power systems and battery technologies
  • LV (ac and dc) distribution and associated switchgear/switchboards and circuit protection
  • HV distribution and associated switchgear/switchboards and circuit protection (desirable)
  • Small power, lighting, fire detection, security, fire suppression, ventilation and cooling systems and associated sub-systems
  • Automatic mains failure (AMF) and/or synchronising changeover schemes
  • Working knowledge of project and programme management
  • Ability to expand your expertise into emerging technology areas
  • Working knowledge of control, instrumentation and telemetry systems associated with power systems (ac and dc)
  • Full UK Driving licence and willingness to travel extensively throughout the UK.

Employment Type: Permanent