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We are seeking the services of a project manager to work with Centre 81’s Chief Executive to oversee the conversion of our new premises and to assist our members and staff to relocate from our existing premises to a new fit-for-purpose facility.


1. Project manage the conversion of our new premises.

2. Project manage the relocation from our existing premises to our new premises.

3. Project manage the closure and handing over of our existing premises to the new owners.

4. Plot the conversion and relocation timeline.

5. Review and maintain a project risk register and report to the CEO and Trustees.

6. Develop and manage conversion and relocation budgets.

7. Ensure that the conversion work is completed in a timely manner and within budget.

8. Approach and select suppliers as agreed.

9. Ensure that suppliers deliver orders against agreed timelines.

10. Require all contractors to submit a method statement prior to commencing work which evidences compliance with industry H&S required standards.

11. Ensure that each area is kept free from clutter and that any building materials and/or equipment does not present a H&S hazard.

12. Be responsible for H&S at the new site whilst the conversion work is being undertaken.

13. Report any accidents or near misses to the CEO and ensure that the accident book is completed for all accidents.

14. Be aware of RIDDOR and follow related guidance.

15. Require all individuals working and/or visiting Centre 81’s existing and new sites comply with our Covid-19 risk assessment requirements.

16. Monitor the use of PPE in relation to (a) building regulations and (b) Covid-19 for all those working or visiting the new site.

17. Ensure that PPE Covid-19 supplies are kept in stock.

18. Ensure all expenditure is accompanied by a VAT invoice and processed in accordance with Centre 81’s financial recording procedures.

19. Keep a chronology of meetings and decisions to provide an evidence trail.

20. Develop a ‘lessons learnt’ and implement throughout the project to support future project management roles and activities for Centre 81.

21. Liaise with external security contractors as required.

22. Any other duties that are commensurate with position and salary

Employment Type: Contract